Yearly Archives: 2016

Hdg Remote Debug – Released!

You can now get the Remote Debug tool on the asset store! Editing live on the device has never been easier, for fast iteration time and the ultimate in “what you see is what you get”.  For more info check out this video, the forum thread or just read some of the other entries on this… Read more »

Hdg Remote Debug – How It Works

Hdg Remote Debug works using .NET’s reflection features; it doesn’t use any sort of built-in Unity serialisation. Every second it gathers all GameObjects that are currently active, finds all Components on them, and for each component, uses reflection to find all serialised and public fields. This data is sent back to the client running in… Read more »

Visual Studio shader syntax highlighting part 2

I have updated the NShader syntax highlighter to allow adding extra extensions dynamically via the Visual Studio settings. This is one of the most requested features, and it really is a feature that makes sense. The plugin was previously hard-coded to specific file extensions. The reason for this is because that’s just the way you… Read more »

Ring buffers / circular buffers

A ring buffer, also known as a circular buffer or cyclic buffer, is a very useful data structure for certain situations, and worth having around in your programmer’s toolchest. It’s a fixed-size buffer but treated as though it’s connected end to end (that is, the end is connected to the start) and data is written… Read more »