Monthly Archives: June 2015

The case of the continually checked out prefabs

I’ve been helping out my friends over at Three Phase Interactive on their game Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit a little bit. The game is being developed in Unity, and they’re using Perforce for source control. We’re using different combinations of the built-in Unity Perforce support and the P4Connect plugin. We’ve had a strange issue in Unity for… Read more »

Shader syntax highlighting in Visual Studio 2013

If you edit shader code in Visual Studio 2013, you might like to use NShader to get syntax highlighting. NShader was originally written by Alexandre Mutel. His version is available here but it only supports VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012. Issam Khalil had forked it and added VS2013 support, as well as Unity shader highlighting. I’ve… Read more »