Yearly Archives: 2014

BinaryFormatter on iOS

If you’re trying to use a BinaryFormatter under iOS you may discover that it doesn’t work. You may get exceptions like “ExecutionEngineException: Attempting to JIT compile method ..”. This is because by default the mono BinaryFormatter uses runtime generated class serializers. This won’t work on iOS because JIT compilation is not permitted. To get around… Read more »

EditorWindow and play mode

If you’re trying to write custom editors in Unity you may run into a snag. I just spent several hours hitting my head against a wall trying to solve this issue. When you enter play mode, Unity will reload all mono assemblies. This means that your EditorWindow object is recreated, and you will need to… Read more »

Unity performance and empty functions

We’re busy here at Horse Drawn HQ working on our first mobile and tablet game. We’ve still got a bit of a way to go, but I thought I’d do some profiling of our game on my iPhone 4 using Unity’s built-in profiler to see where we were at. I was surprised to see an… Read more »