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Type-safe object pool for Unity

Managing memory usage can be crucial for decent performance in game development, especially on memory-constrained devices like mobile phones or consoles. It’s usually best to allocate what you need up-front at startup or on level load rather than mid-game during a frame, because the default memory allocators can be slow at finding free memory blocks…. Read more »

Decoding iOS crash call stacks

Wow it’s been a while since I updated the blog! I think we’re due for a web site refresh too. But first let’s talk about call stacks! Let’s say your iOS game crashes outside of the debugger. Assuming your device is plugged into your mac, you can get the device log from Xcode by bringing… Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Horse Drawn Games! We’re a new team of indie game developers in Australia and are doing a soft launch of our new studio. Exciting things are happening, including our first project and a new website. We can’t wait to show you but in the meanwhile, we’ve baked you a delicious Christmas treat! We… Read more »